The Xebex XT4 Sled features 2 swivel wheels that allow the sled to turn in any direction. You can now train in a never-ending circle in confined spaces by utilizing the patented Xebex XT4 Swivel wheel design. We’ve also included a front-weighted sleeve for enhanced ground traction, solid rubber tires, optional display console, and built-in wheelbarrow function by moving the handles. The Xebex XT4 sled can be stored upright for space-saving storage when not in use.

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The Xebex XT4 Sled is a revolutionary training tool with upgraded features that allows training in any and all directions. Its 3-wheel design with swivel caster wheels allows the user to push and pull the sled while changing directions. Perfect for diverse terrains, indoors or outdoors, the XT4 Sled is able to move with the user in circles, zig-zags, turns, curves, or straight lines. Maximize your workout routine with the adjustable Tri-Handlebar and utilize front/back hook hangers for V-straps and harness accessories, introducing new dimensions to your workout routines. Enable dynamic pushing, pulling, and engaging wheelbarrow movements for a comprehensive training experience.Tracking your progress is easy and effortless with the optional user-friendly console, keeping you motivated. Prioritize efficiency and save space with the Xebex XT4’s compact vertical storage abilities. Embrace a new era of innovation and performance – with the Xebex XT4 Sled.


The Xebex XT4 Sled boasts innovative back swivel caster wheels, allowing for effortless
movement in all directions. This means you can maximize your workouts even in cramped gyms or home corners. Push your limits and experience the freedom of all-directional training with the Xebex XT4 Sled.


The latest upgrade – the front weighted sleeve for your Xebex XT4 sled. Enhances your training experience by adding weights to the front, ensuring better traction. Eliminating tire skidding during intense sled pushes and pulls at maximum resistance.


A magnetic resistance lever fires up the intensity from levels 1 to 8; the harder you push, the greater the resistance.


This sled does come with a standard phone holder that rotates 180 degrees, enabling you to view the display from any direction. The console is sold separately as an added optional accessory.


Upgrade to the XT4 Sled HIIT Console Smart Connect for an enhanced training experience that lets you view your performance metrics such as speed, distance, watts, and more on a backlit display and connect to various third-party apps to record your workout history.


The 3-wheel design allows you to train on virtually any surface while keeping noise at a minimum; no more loud metal dragging on concrete or lack of grass/turf to stop you from getting a good workout in.


Space-saving 27″ x 34″ footprint makes storage convenient when stored upright. Rubber vertical storage bumpers at the contact points provide stability and protection.


Enjoy hassle-free transport as you take your workout anywhere you prefer. At 28 inches wide, the sled fits through standard-size doorways for effortless transport.


The greatest benefit of using the XT4 Sled is the ability to perform various movements anytime and in any place. Every feature of the sled is designed to provide a multifunctional training tool. For example – the XT4 Sled offers built-in wheelbarrow function just by inserting the Tri-Handlebar into a different position. View our Prescribed Exercise Library for more training options.


The 3-wheel design and swivel casters will allow you to push, pull, or move laterally – the choice is yours! For an extra challenge, hook up a harness and experience explosive multi-directional movements.


Adjustable handlebar positions allow athletes to perform a variety of exercises and target different muscle groups for more tailored training. Insert the Tri-Handlebar into the base to use the sled as a wheelbarrow and add weight onto the plate sleeve to increase the load.


The sled is coated with anti-UV black powder coat to withstand the elements.


The included V-strap supports attaching a waist harness, shoulder harness, shoulder strap, or rope so you can mix up your regimen. See the Prescribed Exercise Library for workout ideas.


A 12-inch plate sleeve with a 2-inch diameter at the center of the sled allows users to load up on standard weight plates for added weight during wheelbarrow exercise and to ensure front tire has enough traction with the ground with the higher levels of resistance.

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The Xebex XT4 Sled offers several features to maximize efficiency and versatility: 1) Front-weighted sleeve enhances ground traction for powerful pushes and pulls. 2) Swivel caster wheels enable effortless multi-directional movements. 3) Adjustable Tri-Handlebar allows for diverse exercises targeting different muscle groups. 4) Front/back hook hangers accommodate V-straps and harnesses for dynamic pushing, pulling, and other training purposes.
Absolutely. The upgraded solid rubber tires enable training on virtually any surface without disrupting the sled’s optimal training condition. The built-on swivel back wheels, can handle 360 degree turns, making the Xebex XT4 sled an alldirectional moving sled on any surface.
The Tri-Handlebar on the XT4 Sled offers multi-functional hand positioning, allowing users to engage in pushing, pulling, and wheelbarrow movements. This design provides a diverse range of exercises to target different muscle groups and enhance overall strength and conditioning.

Despite its multi-functionality, the XT4 sled is designed for space efficiency. It conveniently stores vertically in a compact 27″ x 34″ footprint area, eliminating the need for extensive floor space. This makes it an ideal choice for users with limited storage space.

Yes, the optional console on the XT4 Sled is user-friendly, providing essential workout metrics with ease. Users can conveniently track their speed, distance, watts, and more, enhancing their ability to monitor and optimize their training sessions.
The XT4 Sled incorporates a magnetic resistance lever with intensity levels ranging from 1 to 8. The resistance increases as you exert more force during your workout, providing a dynamic and challenging experience.
Absolutely. The sled features a 12-inch plate sleeve with a 2-inch diameter at its center. This allows you to load standard weight plates, enhancing the overall resistance for exercises like the wheelbarrow. It ensures optimal traction for the front tire, especially at higher resistance levels.
The XT4 sled not only offers bi-directional movements, with its swivel caster back wheels, its capable of all-directional movements. You can push, pull, or attach a harness to either side of the sled, allowing for a variety of dynamic movements forward/ back/ lateral options.

The XT4 Sled is built tough with steel, weighing at 102lbs. It keeps plastic parts minimal, featuring a robust metal encasing around its mechanical components for added durability and strength during workouts.

The XT4 Sled comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for parts and the console.

Absolutely! The XT4 sled can perfectly move straight. Here is the video demonstrating the sled pushing in a straight line: Video link: Xebex XT4 Sled moving straight