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7 Reasons Why the Xebex XT4 Sled Will Be Your New Training Obsession

Forget those bulky fitness equipment and confined weight rooms. The Xebex XT4 Sled is here to revolutionize your workout and unleash your inner athlete, anywhere, anytime.

Traditional metal sleds, while they are cost-effective and commonly found in gyms, are primarily suited for indoor use due to their noisy, bulky nature and tendency to damage surfaces, and require regular maintenance. In contrast, the Xebex XT4 Sled revolutionizes sled training. Its innovative three-wheel design, featuring swivel back wheels, allows it to navigate any terrain with ease, indoors or outdoors, and lets you transform into a wheelbarrow, engaging your entire body in a challenging cardio and strength workout. It operates quietly and requires minimal maintenance, the Xebex XT4 Sled utilizes resistance for effective pushing and pulling exercises, eliminating the need for excessive weight stacking. With its unparalleled versatility and user-friendly experience, the Xebex XT4 Sled sets a new standard for sled training, making it the go-to choice for any fitness enthusiasts seeking optimal performance and convenience.

1. Break Free from Limits: Xebex XT4 Sled’s Swivel Wheels Take Your Training Anytime and where! 

The Xebex XT4 Sled has revolutionized with its 360-degree swivel wheels allowing training in any direction imaginable. Carve out tight circles for agility drills, navigate winding paths effortlessly, or create dynamic pushing and pulling patterns mimicking real-world movements. No more wasted time turning the sled around –

with the Xebex XT4 Sled, your workout flows seamlessly, opening new training possibilities and empowering you to achieve your fitness goals with ease and flexibility, anytime, anywhere.





2. Unleash Explosive Power: 

The front-weighted sleeve and solid rubber tires ensure maximum traction, eliminating tire skidding even during intense pushes and pulls. Prepares you for explosive workouts and smoother performance on any terrain. Plus, the chain-driven magnetic resistance system offers 8 levels to choose from, with resistance that increases the harder you push. Even at my height (5’11”) and weight (220 lbs), this sled provides a serious challenge on the highest resistance setting, leaving me exhausted in sweat after a push-pull session.

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3. Space-Saving Beast: Don’t let its size fool you. The Xebex XT4 Sled stores upright, taking minimal space. In your gym or garage, the tri-handlebars can be removed and stored on the sled frame in a compact configuration.

4. Silent But Deadly: Forget noisy metal clanging or limitations on workout locations. The Xebex XT4 Sled boasts three solid rubber tires that conquer any surface with minimal noise. No more scraping metal on pavements or worrying about disturbing the peace. These tires also require zero maintenance and last ten times longer than air tires.  Focus on your workout, or train in stealth mode without anyone noticing.

5. Beyond the Basics:  The Xebex XT4 Sled is more than just a fancy sled; it’s a multi-functional strength training machine: It allows you to Track Your Progress – with your phone to monitor your speed, distance with fitness apps you love, or try an add-on optional HIIT Smart Connect console that measure more data including speed, distance, watts, calories and more. Allowing you to focus on crushing your goals.

6. Designed to perform: Adjustable tri-handlebars allow you to target different muscle groups and personalize your training. Turning your regular push pull sled setup into a fiery wheelbarrow workout with a simple shift of the  tri-handle bars from the top to its wheelbarrow configuration on the sled frame.

7. Endless Exercises: Utilize the sled’s versatility with a variety of accessory attachments (V-straps, shoulder harnesses, chest harness) for endless exercise possibilities. From backward walking, bear crawl, rope pulls, heavy sled drags and many more.

The Xebex XT4 Sled is Perfect For:

Athletes seeking to build explosive power and agility, for fitness enthusiasts looking for a versatile and space-saving workout tool and anyone looking to try a new sled, break free from gym routines and train outdoors.

Ready to break free from limitations and conquer your fitness goals?  The Xebex XT4 Sled awaits. It’s time to train smarter, not harder.

Links to buy one and know more:  in the US – https://www.getrxd.com/xebex-fitness-xt4-sled-bundle.html or Outside US – https://xebexfitness.com/product/xebex-fitness-xt4-sled/

Videos to Learn More about the Xebex XT4 Sled:

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