Xebex fitness sled

Xebex XT4 Wheeled Sled VS Traditional Sled

Ditch the dumbbells and embrace the power of the push (or pull)!
Weighted sleds (such as the Xebex XT4 sled) are a fun and effective way to take your resistance training to the next level. They engage your entire body – upper body for pushing, lower body for propulsion – delivering a full-body workout in one fell swoop.

The Basic Sled
Tired of clunky metal sleds that damage your floors and wake the neighbors? Traditional weight sleds might be budget-friendly and straightforward, but their limitations are undeniable. They struggle on certain surfaces, leave unsightly scratches and damages to surfaces, and generate a racket that disrupts everyone around you.

traditional sled, metal sled

A Revolutionary Upgrade


The Xebex XT4 Sled is the 4th generation wheeled sled from us (Xebex Fitness), it redefines and retains the core functionality of a traditional sled for effective workouts, but its revolutionary design eliminates the downsides. Now, you can enjoy a smooth, quiet workout experience on any surface, all without worrying about damaging your floors or disturbing your surroundings.

Xebex fitness sled

Unrestricted Movement: The Power of 360° Swivel Wheels

Gone are the days of restricted linear movements. The Xebex XT4 Sled boasts a unique 3-wheel design with built-in swivel casters. This allows for swift and vibration-free 360-degree rotations, opening doors to a world of dynamic training possibilities.

Xebex fitness sled

Effortless Direction Changes: Perform pushes, pulls, and navigate through zig-zags, circles, and sharp turns with ease. This not only adds an element of fun but also challenges your core stability and improves agility.

Adapts to Any Terrain: Whether you’re training indoors on gym floors or pushing your limits outdoors on grass, gravel, or even sand, the Xebex XT4 Sled  maneuvers seamlessly.

Multifunctional Training Redefined: The Xebex XT4 Sled goes beyond basic pushing and pulling. Every feature is meticulously designed to offer a multifunctional training experience:

Adjustable Tri-Handlebar: Change handlebar positions to target different muscle groups and personalize your workout.  Wheelbarrow Function – The positioning of the Tri-handlebar can transform the Xebex XT4 Sled into a wheelbarrow by inserting the Tri-Handlebar into a different position. This adds a whole new dimension to core and upper body training.

Magnetic Resistance: Dial up the intensity with the intuitive magnetic resistance lever. Choose from 8 levels that offer progressive resistance, mimicking real-world pushing and pulling scenarios. With magnetic resistance it offers a smoother, more controlled, and challenging workout experience with easy adjustable resistance levels on the XT4 sled.

Space-Saving Design for Easy Storage: The Xebex XT4 Sled is a space saver’s dream. Its compact upright storage design  boasts a 27″ x 33.9″ footprint, allowing for convenient storage. Rubber bumpers at contact points provide stability and protect your floors.

Add on Accessories: Included with a V-strap connector to the hook hangers that are welded to the front and back of the sled frame. By attaching a waist harnessshoulder harnessshoulder strapHandle Strap with Lead , or rope so you can mix up your workout regimen instantly

Train Smarter, Not Louder

The Xebex XT4 Sled prioritizes a quiet, versatile and efficient workout experience:

Minimal Noise: The three wheeled design minimizes noise disruption in comparison to traditional metal sled. We’ve even improved on the tires, updating them to solid rubber tires that last 10 times longer than air tires, forgetting about pumping air. The Xebex XT4 Sled‘s solid rubber wheels require no maintenance and are built to last, offering superior durability. This allows for versatile training indoors/ outdoors without disturbing others.

Elevate Your Training with the Smart Connect Console (sold separately): Get real-time feedback on your performance with this innovative console. Tracking key metrics like speed, distance, and watts on a backlit display, allowing you to personalize your workout intensity and maximize results. Plus, connect to various third party apps to track your progress on your phone to empower your fitness journey.    

Effortless Training, Anywhere You Go

The Xebex XT4 Sled redefines portability. At just 28 inches wide, it effortlessly navigates through standard doorways. This seamless transition allows you to take your workout indoors or outdoors, maximizing your training space and flexibility.

The Xebex XT4 Sled isn’t just an upgrade on traditional sleds; it’s a revolution.  It’s versatile and it lets you break free from limitations and allows you to explore a world of dynamic training possibilities.  Innovative features like 360° swivel wheels and silent operation ensure a smooth, efficient workout experience.  The Xebex XT4 Sled empowers you to push your limits, unlock a new level of fitness, and redefine your training journey.  Are you ready to experience the Xebex XT4 Sled difference?

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