Next-Level Workouts: Discover AirPlus Technology

No matter where you stand on your fitness journey, incorporating Xebex Fitness’s versatile cardio equipment into your workout routine is a great move! Xebex Fitness offers a comprehensive product line of cardio equipment, meticulously designed to cater to every fitness landscape.

Training with Xebex Fitness’s cardio equipment is an excellent way to achieve and boosts your strength, improves conditioning, and offers a variety of high-intensity and low-impact cardio options. Elevate your workouts with our versatile and effective gears!


The Perfect Combination of Air and Magnetic Resistance. AirPlus is our innovative resistance system that merges the power of air and magnetic resistance across our cardio equipment.

With AirPlus, we’ve taken your workout EXPERIENCE and INTENSITY to the next level.


Custom Adjustments are key to


experience longer and more exhilarating workout session. At Xebex Fitness, our cardio equipment is meticulously designed with consideration for users’ body shapes and sizes, catering to athletes of all sizes and preferences with ease. Our equipment features ergonomic seats and micro-adjustable levers, allowing you to tailor your seating positions precisely for an ideal workout experience. These thoughtful design elements guarantee maximum comfort, whether you’re engaging in short bursts or longer, more exhilarating workouts.



Experience the ultimate display console! Our uniquely designed, brightly-lit LCD screen not only shows your Air Damper and Magnetic Resistance levels but also keeps you informed on Time, Distance, Calories, RPM, Watts, Speed, and Pulse. We’ve designed it for simplicity and progress tracking, featuring a color-coded Progress Circle to even more simplified large digital console to handle every workout needs that you seek for. Additionally with Smart Connect, you can effortlessly link up with a range of 3rd party apps in our Smart Connect Ecosystem.


Every Xebex Fitness cardio equipments are designed to reduce storage space in mind and easily transportable. With built on wheels and upright storage configuration.


Xebex is more than just cardio equipment. Each machine is manufactured with the purpose of helping you reach your limitless potential. There is a special care in testing from the beginning of development, throughout production, and even after to continue to improve and update. Discover your potential with the best! Make Xebex Fitness equipment the perfect addition to your home, commercial, or private gym collection.